Meet our Story Keeper!

Kat is our 'Story Keeper' and heads up a lot of the work we do with primary schools and literacy project, Kingsley&Co.


If you would like Kat to visit your school, click the button below!

Visits to Kingsley&Co 

Come and visit our magical book shop and discover its many secrets. Have a session in our hidden submarine classroom and explore the rest of the shop with our interactive quiz. 

In development – Giant Slayers 

Giant Slayers is a Ykids programme to help children to deal with their worries and anxieties. It is designed to give children the strategies they need to face anything that comes their way. 


We offer fun, interactive story assemblies. 

In development – Reading for pleasure Scheme 

We are currently designing a remote reading scheme which pairs children who are disengaged with reading with a trained volunteer to read together.  

Story/history sessions based around Bootle  

Bootle has a very rich story of its own. We have sessions to teach what happened in this area in the past including: Vikings, Victorians, The World Wars and more. 

Story-based, well-being workshops in classroom  

Our workshops are a way of getting children involved with stories and adventure. The stories chosen will have a message of well-being to share with the children as well. 

Children’s Literary festivals 

We have run Children’s Literary festivals in the past with amazing success. With guest authors, assemblies, workshops, performances and more there is plenty for your school to get involved with. For more information see our events page.

Faith- based workshops/ assemblies 

The bible has many stories to tell. We offer faith-based workshops and assemblies on a range of different topics.