Training is an important part of what we do – from delivering bespoke training in childrens work, youth work,

street play to investing in our staff and young people and much more.

What We Do:

We train people in a variety of ways, including;

Volunteering Opportunities

During term-time, we run after school clubs for both children and youth aged 4-18. These groups range from sports, music lessons, arts, photography, make-up, homework support, computers and lots more. see our gallery for pictures!



Ykids has a wealth of experience in community engagement, consulting other organisations, community groups, church groups, parents and children. We can offer our services to you to help you achieve your goals, as well as providing advice and guidance with your venture or business.

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Kingsley and Co - Retail & Hospitality

Volunteering at Kingsley and Co gives people of all ages the chance to develop their barista skills, as well as personal, social and soft skills which give them confidence and experience in a work setting.

Find out about Volunteering at Kingsley and Co here


The Internship Programme is designed for young people who are willing to give a year of their life to be challenged, with a view to exploring what God might want for them in the future.

Find out more here


Employment Support

Getting a job isn't easy, and many young people leave school without aspirations or career goals. We work with young people to help them find employment opportunities and use our network of partners to find appropriate placements for them. We also have many young people who come to us for work experience.

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Kickstart Scheme

In 2020, we hired our first 3 kickstart placements with the Government Kickstart Scheme. Not only does this help support the ongoing work we do, but provides continues training and support for young people that are successful. 


The Rank Foundation Program

Many of our staff have benefitted from Rank Foundation work placements, funding and training opportunities. 

If you are interested in any of the above training opportunities, please get in touch with us using the contact details below.