Ykids deliver a range of activities to promote positive mental health and wellbeing. These include early intervention Cognitive Behavioural Therapy projects, coping skills, body image and self-worth.

What We Do:

Here are some ways we support the wellbeing of our members

Giant Slayers Project

Giant Slayers is a wellbeing programme we have written and piloted with our children to educate about mental health and equip children to cope with life's challenges. We are in the process of adapting it for Youth (12-18 year-olds).


We recognise that some children benefit from 1:2:1 support. We do this be designing sessions that fit in with the needs of the child/young person. We have worked with young people experiencing worry and anxiety, low moods, struggling to find employment, navigating difficult family dynamics, behaviour management as well as gang involvement. 

Everything we do

Everything we do is designed to improve the wellbeing of our members and the people we come into contact with.