Ykids Internship

The Internship Programme is designed for young people who are willing to give a year of their life to be challenged, with a view to exploring what God might want for them in the future. We believe in investing in the next generation of leaders and helping raise “World Changers” who believe in themselves and are passionate about making a difference. The Internship programme is designed to help you grow your leadership skills, serve the community and deepen your faith.

What is expected?

Ykids are offering a year internship as part of a dynamic team working in schools, delivering projects, youth and kids church, holiday clubs, camps and large-scale community events.

This is a Christian Internship – you will be a professing Christian wanting to explore more about what God has in store for your life. Doesn’t sound like you? Ask about our apprenticeships instead! You will be expected to act as a positive role model, ambassadors of Christ and of Ykids.


We are looking for people who: 

  • Have a passion to see young lives changed

  • Want to explore a call to youth work/ children’s work/ministry

  • Are seeking support to grow their leadership potential

  • Want to gain practical experience of working in an urban community

  • Want to develop current and learn new skills in music/ sport/ art/ performance/ worship/ preaching/ writing/ film/ media/ project management/ developing programmes and much more.

What you'll be doing: 

Being on the Ykids team will give you a wide range of experiences. These will include:

  • Working in schools; delivering workshops, self-esteem programmes, assemblies, lunchtime drop ins, 1-2-1 mentoring, after school projects and much more.

  • Working in the community supporting; Family projects, social action projects, large events, fun days, awards ceremonies, clean ups, art projects and much more.

  • Working with children & young people; delivering youth café church (Rise), clubs, as well as working with young people in our community work (see above)

  • Developing personal skills such as confidence, presentation skills, public speaking, and leadership.

Working for a charity such as ours means we can be flexible in tailoring your internship to fit other skills you want to develop, such as:

  • Fund raising, monitoring & evaluation, policy writing, marketing & graphic design, photography, worship and more.

We’re also interested in the skills you already have and want you to be able to use them in your work with us.

What happens next? 

If this is sounding all very exciting and intriguing for you and you’re thinking I want to take the next step, it’s really simple! You will need to fill in the application form attached with the pack and send it to neilhayes@ykids.co.uk.

If you’re thinking this sounds great but I’ve got a few more questions I would like to ask, then ring us on 0151 944 2111 and ask for either Neil or Claire who will happily speak to you. Or better still come and visit us!

When you’ve submitted your application, we will ask you to come to Ykids so we can have an interview and we’ll show you the local area, so you can get a feel for it. Don’t worry this is not an ‘Apprentice’ style interview with Lord Alan Sugar, it’s just a couple of the Ykids staff wanting to get to know you better and a chance for you to find out more about us. We’ll then let you know a week after as to whether you’ve been offered a place on the internship and we’ll start putting all the plans into action, so you can start early September.