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Ykids helps me through tough times, and I always feel like I can trust them. Ykids always has lots of activities and games to do and it makes me happy"


Ykids youth and childrens worker cheering with a group of kids

Ykids works to improve the lives and futures of children, young people and their families living in some of the UK’s most deprived areas.

While our heart and soul are in our local community of Bootle, we actively work across the Merseyside region; providing innovative mentoring programmes, school and street projects, sports & arts initiatives, large community events, parent groups and support, a community pantry and 10 weekly clubs ranging from theatre and the arts, to life skills and sport.

"I love everything about Ykids! Also I have fun, I’m happy and I feel safe"
"I know how to manage my emotions much better now"