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Areas of Work

Ykids works in 8 key areas to offer as many opportunities as possible for children, young people and their families to engage with us.

Youth & Children

We offer multiple regular groups aimed at children aged 5 -17 yrs focused on wellbeing, mentoring, citizenship, belonging, skills development and fun. Includes one off events and activities, short and long term programmes.


Ykids seeks to become a more self sustaining and enterprising charity.  Kingsley and Co, a children's bookshop and literary project combines income generation and social impact.


We offer support and promote family cohesion, through family projects, peer mentoring and training, 121 support and practical help such as our community pantry and Christmas club.


Large scale events and activities for the whole community from The Annual Believe Awards to social action projects and community events.


We work in primary and secondary schools to deliver assemblies, self-esteem programmes, mentoring  and curriculum enhancing projects .


Addressing physical and emotional wellbeing through cooking, nutrition, sport, gardening and early intervention CBT programmes.


We offer apprenticeships, work placements, intern programmes, work experience, bespoke and accredited training opportunities, and love to encourage youth leadership.


Ykids has a Christian ethos and some of our work is with local (and some not so local) churches. Our Christian work is distinct from our community work and has different aims.
We work in partnership with churches to deliver training, events and activities to promote effective outreach in deprived communities

Click here find out more about our Faith Internship

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