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Our Values

Ykids works to make change and be change. We have an holistic approach where children come first, are consulted and encouraged to help shape our delivery. We see young people for their potential and all that they can become, valuing their gifts and creativity whatever challenges they face.

1.  Young People at the centre

They are always at the heart of what we do

2. Assets, not issues

Valuing everyone for what they bring and not the challenges they face

3. Invest

Committing for the long haul, to people, places and transformation

4. Partnership

Working with others and building friendships

5. Creativity

Inspiring imaginations, critical and creative thinking and opening up a world of adventure

6.  Learning

Constantly seeking new ways we can improve and make new discoveries

7. Vision

Dream big dreams.

8. Excellence

To be the best we can be.

9. Fun

To be the best we can be.

10. Faith

In yourself, in others, in God.

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